Show/hide hidden files and folders in MacOS

Step 1: Open Terminal.

There are 2 ways to open Terminal:

Method 1: From Desktop (Finder), Go -> Applications -> Utilities ->


Method 2: Using hotkey to open Spotlight (Command + SpaceBar is default), type “Terminal” then press Enter to open up the Terminal.


Step 2: Copy this following line and paste it to your Terminal:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Step 3: Relaunch Finder to see effects.

We also have 2 ways to do this step:

Method 1: Holding “Option/alt” on keyboard and right-click on “Finder” icon on the dock, choose “Relaunch”.


Method 2: Run this command from Terminal: killall Finder /System/Library/CoreServices/


To rollback to default setting (DO NOT show hidden files/folders), just replace YES to NO on the step 2.


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