[URI Online Judge] – 1114 – Fixed Password

Write an program that keep reading a password until it is valid. For each wrong password read, write the message “Senha invalida”. When the password is typed correctly print the message “Acesso Permitido” and finished the program. The correct password is the number 2002.


The input file contains several tests cases. Each test case contains only an integer number.


For each number read print a message corresponding to the description of the problem.

Sample Input Sample Output
Senha Invalida
Senha Invalida
Senha Invalida
Acesso Permitido

my solution:

#include <cstdio>

int main(){
int p;
while(scanf("%d", &p) && p != 2002)
printf("Senha Invalida\n");
printf("Acesso Permitido\n");


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