Android – Custom ListView

Custom listView.

Step 1:

First, preparing data for the listview (strings, images…).
– With images, you should create new folder name “drawable” in res folder and paste all images to it (example 12 imgs below)

  • With strings, you should store it in res/values/strings.xml, create 2 string arrays as below:

    remember the name for each string array (name, description), it’s as same as theid for us to use in java code. that’s all we need in step 1.

Step 2:

Create new layout that you want it display in single row. In my example, a single row has one imageview and two textview, so we’ll create a new layout as below:

and now go to the, get all the widget from xml file we just created, see the picture below:

return the main layout xml file, we add a listView to this layout, remember set ID for this listview.

Step 3:

Create 2 new classes name “CustomAdapter” or anything you want, this class is extends from ArrayAdapter<> and ViewHolder class

you see above, we have a constructor and a override method named “getView”, this method help we connecting 3 widgets in xml into 1 object and after that, returning it to the main activity class.
The ViewHolder class help getting widgets in xml one times in the first times we load (when scrolling down), if review it in the seecond times, just get it from row (vh = (ViewHolder) row.getTag();)
then we setText, setImageResource for widgets, finally we return the row


Come back to the main Activity, see onCreate method below:

we call CustomAdapter and set this adapter for the listView, view params in line “final Custom adapter adapter….” carefully.
To add event for listView, we add setOnItemClick….. I’ll talk about this in later.
and result:


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